Fixed Light Windows (FK)

//Fixed Light Windows (FK)

Fixed Light Windows (FK)

Aliclad Windows Norfolk

The premium range of bespoke aliclad windows Norfolk are stunningly designed.  With an elegant flush casement, they’re guaranteed to bring a sophisticated style to any home.

Aluminium Clad Windows supplies Aluminium fixed light windows across Norfolk and Suffolk.


Direct glazed fixed light frame to suite with open in windows and doors.


The fixed light can be used in vision areas and at spandrel locations as part of a screen assembly when opaque glazed or fitted with aluminium sandwich panels. The frames can also be fitted with fixed blade aluminium louvres.


Window maintenance is limited to periodic washing of external aluminium and glass surfaces with water containing a mild detergent and in the case of internal timber, cleaning with a damp cloth or polishing.

Aluminium Fixed Light Windows

AliClad Windows Norfolk
Aliclad Windows Norfolk